Chromat: Where Architecture and Undergarments Meet

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Designer Becca McCharen’s design label, Chromat, was born after she married her love for architecture with her passion for fashion design. Her valiantly bold designs reflect the maps and scaffolding of the New York City environment. These extraordinary undergarments are awe-inspiring and truly an experimental piece. How do you wear them? Not quite sure. But, I’m willing to give it a try.

NENUKKO Short Film

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Today’s inspiration is from independent design team, NENUKKO. Their inventively minimalistic aesthetic and provocatively abstract concepts allow them to confront and surpass the classical conventions of design, fashion, and communication. Ambiguity, motion, and stagnancy are the focal points of the conceptualized short film.

Sneakerhead For Life



Truth Han doing businessThe sneakerhead culture is often misunderstood and dismissed for its extreme materialism. The chaotic consumerism, however, becomes trifling as shoe aficionados of every age gain imperative fundamentals in life, business, and relationships. Truth Han—a prominent member of the eccentric coterie—capitalized on his love for sneakers, which eventually lead to the birth of I got the opportunity to sit down with the 24 year-old entrepreneur to talk about how he started his online website, how he stays relevant in an ever-expanding industry, and what he’s gained from the entire experience.

Maybe Charney Has a Schoolgirl Fetish

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As I set out on this brief journey to discover the essence of American Apparel’s ‘Classic Girl’, there’s a pair of underwear lying next to me on the bed. They’re recently shed, artfully crumpled –maybe tossed aside in the chaos of some sexual urgency, or maybe slipped out of in the casual intimacy of a girl’s dressing routine — and the tag remains perfectly legible. In black Helvetica it reads: “American Apparel.” And I think to myself, “This would make a great ad.”

Andrej to Andreja


Andrej pre-surgery

Alluringly androgynous model, Andrej Pejic broke through the fashion industry as one of the hottest, most versatile models. The male-born model was best known for his ambiguous sexuality. After years of straddling the lines of gender roles, the Bosnian model chose to finally complete her transition at the age of 22. The model, now known as Andreja Pejic, spent years challenging the conventions of sexuality and has now become a public advocate for self-acceptance in most LGBT matters. In an interview with People, Pejic shared her feelings about being a transgender woman: “Every day is like a new revelation…I’m more comfortable than ever. I feel at a 100 percent.”

Pejic, who use to model both menswear and womenswear, has decided that post-surgery she’ll only be modeling women’s fashion.

Kendall Jenner: Symbol of The American Girl?



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Notorious younger sister of the Kardashian trio, Kendall Jenner posed sans-clothing for David Sims in Love Magazine’s 12th issue. Within the graphically risqué issue, Jenner seductively poses donning only a fur hood or draped necklaces over the shoulder. Immediately after seeing this particular spread, I felt an overwhelming wave of ambivalence. The 18 year-old reality star turned model is undoubtedly a mainstay in pop culture. But how does that translate into her being a paragon of the “American girl”? The concept itself is an elusive archetype that ultimately builds a distorted cultural context and delegitimizes the notion and the individual.

TSATSAS x Ramon Haindi: Aesthetics Habitat


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“Bringing together what belongs. This Aesthetics Habitat collaboration literally comes from a like-minded neighborhood, as both photographer [Ramon] Haindi and fine leather craftsmen TSATSAS, live and work in Frankfurt am Main. Subtle structures and a high level of attention to the characteristics of surface, invite you to observe the fundamental significance of skin without the disturbance of color. A sensitive ensemble of details and protagonists embracing a simply perfect product.”

Eleen Halvorsen: [DE]COMPOSED


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Today’s inspiration is courtesy of Norwegian-born fashion designer, Eleen Halvorsen, whose designs are innovatively minimalistic with just the right amount of architectural androgyny. Her collection, “[De]composed” is rich with strong lines, soft drapery, and conceptual proportions. Cropped leather tops layered and transparent mesh dresses push this collection into covetable status.

Is Ugly Actually Ugly?


“’Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer,’ says Miuccia Prada. SHOWstudio explores fashion’s fascination with deliberate awkwardness and vulgarity. Just as Umberto Eco asked in his celebrated work ‘On Ugliness’ SHOWstudio will question if, when manipulated by the right designer or when backed up by a luxury label, repulsiveness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” –SHOWstudio

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The other day I happened upon a new SHOWstudio project that dissected our current fascination with “ugly.” After reading through the various essays, I phoned my friend to get a clearer perspective on the subject. The discussion, which I’ve posted below, is our input on the matter.

Menswear Monday: Munsoo Kwon SS15


Munsoo Kwon’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, “Kite Flies over Han River on a Lazy Afternoon” merges visual experimentation with progressive tailoring to create a novel collection that embodies the dichotomous nature of the Han River and reflects the contemporary evolution of men’s fashion.