Menswear Monday: Ximon Lee

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Recent Parsons graduate, Ximon Lee, used the tattered and heavily layered clothing styles of children in Moscow as his inspiration for his graduating thesis collection, “Children of Lenengradsky.”

The harsh winter season in Russia forces the struggling children into layering on several pieces of oversized clothing. The children, cold and homeless, live on the streets and battle the bitter weather in hopes of survival. Menswear designer, Ximon Lee, reinterpreted the involuntary style through the deconstruction and refashioning of organic and inorganic materials. Rather than using opulent fabrics and textiles, Lee salvaged donated garments from Salvation Army and collected trash bags and cardboards from the streets to use for his tangible collection. Frayed edges, blunt layering and rigid lines reflect the ragged and forlorn nature of real homeless style. The seemingly whimsical layering of his reconstructed designs offer an unapologetically raw cut and paste aesthetic. This directional designer is one to keep an eye out for—not only does he use his craft as a means for social and economic commentary, but he’s also an advocate for sustainability.

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For more information, visit Ximon Lee

Photo source: Fucking Young

Media Source: Ximon Lee

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