Kendall Jenner: Symbol of The American Girl?



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Notorious younger sister of the Kardashian trio, Kendall Jenner posed sans-clothing for David Sims in Love Magazine’s 12th issue. Within the graphically risqué issue, Jenner seductively poses donning only a fur hood or draped necklaces over the shoulder. Immediately after seeing this particular spread, I felt an overwhelming wave of ambivalence. The 18 year-old reality star turned model is undoubtedly a mainstay in pop culture. But how does that translate into her being a paragon of the “American girl”? The concept itself is an elusive archetype that ultimately builds a distorted cultural context and delegitimizes the notion and the individual.


SHOWstudio: Knight and Foxton Collaborate for #asif

Fashion Films


The talented and eminent Nick Knight joined forces with stylist Simon Foxton to create an arrestingly optical fashion film for VMAN magazine that illustrates and explores the extraordinarily graphic language of the digital domain. Knight, Foxton, and the SHOWstudio team collected and manipulated imagery from the Internet and reinterpreted the curated data into a culturally relevant film titled “#asif,” that exemplifies our digital reality. The creative team also shot and styled a complementary editorial that parallels the Internet-focused video.